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Furniture Trailer

10' x 5' enclosed trailer with a 6' high ceiling. The tail gate drops down as a ramp. 

14' Long Car Trailers

These trailers come with ramps and a winch. You must supply your own tie down straps or chains to secure the vehicle.

Tandem Box Trailers

There is an 8' x 5' trailer and a 10' x 5' trailer.

Single Axle Box Trailers

There are 6' x 4' trailers and 7' x 5' trailer available.

Livestock Trailer

This is a 10' x 5' Trailer with a sliding door at the back, and a crowding gate in the middle of it.

Single Axle Crate Trailer

These are 7' x 5' crate trailers that can manually tip. 

Tandem Crate Trailer

This is a 12' x 6' trailer with a tail gate that drops down as a ramp.

Scissor lift trailer

These trailers are intended for 19' Scissor lifts weighing no more than 1300Kg.

Machinery Trailers

We have 8' x 5' trailers with tail gate ramps intended for mini diggers and other small equipment weighing less than 1100Kg.